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Interion 24 Hour Big & Tall Leather Executive Chair – Black


Interion Office Chair Mat for Carpet – 46″W x 60″L – Straight Edge


Essentials by OFM ESS-6060 High-Back Racing Style Leather Executive Chair, Black


Interion Shop Stool – Polyurethane – 4 Way Adjustable – Black


Interion Shop Stool – Wood – Natural


Interion Plastic Office Chair – Black


Flash Furniture Executive Swivel Chair – Mid Back – Leather – White – Gold Frame


Alera 24/7 High-Back Multifunction Task Chair – Gray Fabric – Wrigley Series


Interion Medical Stool with Backrest and Footring – Vinyl – Black


National Public Seating Steel Folding Chair – 2″ Vinyl Seat – Double Brace – Black – Pkg Qty 2


Interion 24 Hour Mesh Back Task Chair and Seat Slider – Fabric – Black


Interion Leather Conference Chair – Black


Boss Traditional High-Back Chair, Gray Linen w/ Black Base


Interion Plastic Stool – Height Adjustable – Black


Interion Desk Stool – Fabric – Black


Eurotech Ergohuman Executive High Back Chair – LE9ERG(N) – Black Leather


Essentials by OFM ESS-7050M Heated Shiatsu Massage Leather Recliner and Ottoman, Black


6-Motor Massage Seat Cushion With Heat


Interion Sit Stand Stool – Polyurethane – Black


Interion Office Stool – Fabric – 360 Footrest – Black


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At ErgoSpec we offer comfortable and durable ergonomic office, industrial and laboratory chairs & stools. Whether you have a small office or a large-sized company, our seating helps increase productivity with comfortable, posture-friendly designs and durable materials.

Ergonomic Office and Industrial Chairs & Stools 

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Ergospec has been working since 1991 to offer a wide variety of ergonomic seating for affordable prices. 

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How many hours per day does the average office worker spend sitting in an office chair?

It is not a well kept secret that people who work in offices spend a large percentage of their day sitting in chairs and working on screens. In fact, the average employee will spend five hours or more sitting at a desk in an office chair. People who work longer hours than the average worker, such as those in management or workers who have busy seasons of the year that require overtime hours, may spend several more hours each day sitting while they complete their work. With all this time spent sitting, it is no wonder a lot of businesses are taking notice of how ergonomic chairs might be a smarter choice for their employees. The simple decision to change and improve your chairs will not only protect your workforce from long-term injuries, but will also improve productivity. More productive workers means more work gets done, and the result is higher profits for your business.

What are the potential health risks of sitting for long periods of time each day in an ill-fitting chair?

When some people work in factories surrounded by dangerous industrial equipment or around hazardous materials, it might seem like sitting in an office all day is a fairly low-risk type of job. However, a hidden danger lurks within every office across the globe–sitting in poorly designed chairs. Sitting for many hours a day already comes with a number of various health concerns, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight gain. Add to the equation an ill-fitting chair and you have an employee who could be in real trouble. Moreover, poorly designed chairs are less likely to fit an individual user, while ergonomic chairs are built with different body types in mind. A poor fit puts additional pressure on the back, shoulders, legs, and arms. Of particular concern is increased pressure on the spinal discs. Opting for ergonomic chairs improves posture and alignment and puts much less pressure on all of these areas of the body.


What exactly is the field of ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a specific field of study that centers around the health and safety of employees in their work environments. The purpose of this field is to analyze every aspect of the working environment to determine where health and safety concerns lie. Through careful analysis, ergonomic experts determine how worker conditions can be improved to reduce injuries on the job and to ensure the overall health and safety of each and every employee. It is a smart decision for business leaders to bring in ergonomic experts because reducing workplace injuries and improving the health and well-being of workers is not only the right thing to do, it will also boost your bottom line. And when your work environment is an office, industrial or if it's laboratory-based, an ergonomic expert is very likely to recommend you switch to these chairs for increased employee comfort, productivity, and morale. 


How can ergonomics be applied to office, industrial or laboratory chairs?

It may seem like it does not matter much what type of chair you sit in as long as you have good posture. But this way of thinking is misleading. While good posture is important, it is very difficult to accomplish while sitting in an ill-fitting chair. It is a much better option to choose ergonomic chairs for your workforce. Ergonomic chairs are designed specifically to ensure that good posture can be kept easily and naturally all day long. Ergonomic chairs help to support the curves of the spine, significantly reducing the risk of back injuries caused from sitting all day. Additionally, ergonomic chairs are made to be adjustable. To achieve the correct sitting position of feet on the floor, thighs parallel to the floor, knees hip-width apart, wrists straight, and shoulders relaxed, you need to be able to make adjustments. Ergonomic chairs are the answer. 


My workforce includes people of various heights and weights; can this be accommodated by ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs are built to accommodate all types of people. This is largely due to the fact that they are adjustable, but it also has to do with the overall design of ergonomic chairs. With the user in mind, ergonomic chairs are made specifically to work well with a number of different body types. Additionally, you can find a wide variety of types of ergonomic chairs, including chairs made for big and tall users, mesh office chairs, fabric chairs, and more, so that you are sure to find the perfect option for each and every one of your employees. 


Can ergonomic chairs really improve productivity in the workplace?

Workers who suffer from various types of injuries and issues from poor posture or poorly designed chairs are much less likely to be happy and productive while at work. However, if your workers spend their days in comfort and do not have to waste time and energy nursing injuries, or worse missing work due to injuries, you can rest assured that your workforce will be more productive with ergonomic chairs.


What other types of chairs can be ergonomic chairs besides those used in the typical office and industrial environment?

While office workers are well known for sitting at desks all day doing mostly computer work, there are a variety of other types of chairs that you may need for your business. For example, if you have a waiting area or lobby, your guests, clients, or patients will appreciate ergonomic reception area chairs. If you host large numbers of people for gatherings or events like conferences or seminars, folding or stackable ergonomic chairs might be the best option for you. You can even find banquet ergonomic chairs to use for formal dinners or elegant events. There are even ergonomic chairs and stools designed with laboratory use in mind.


Do ergonomic chairs last as long as standard chairs?

The ergonomic chairs offered by ErgoSpec Ergonomic Chairs are made of top-of-the-line materials and are built to last. We take pride in providing our customers with high-quality products that are reliable, durable, and long lasting. Your employees, customers, clients, or patients will experience the ultimate experience in comfort with posture-friendly designs that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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